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Mirabel Madrigal




• Waiting on a Miracle

Eyes/Contacts: BROWN

Lives in: La Casita Madrigal/Encanto, Colombia
Age: 15



Parents:  Julieta (power: heals with food) and Agustin

Sisters - Isabela (power: Chlorokinesis) and Luisa (power: super strength)
Cousins: Dolores (power: super hearing), Camilo (shape shifting), Antonio (speaks to animals)

Aunt: Pepa (controls weather); Uncles: Bruno (predicts the future), Felix (uncle by marriage, husband of Tia Pepa)

Grandmother: Abuela Alma


Mirabel Madrigal is the protagonist of Disney's 2021 animated feature film Encanto. She is the youngest daughter of Julieta and Agustín Madrigal and youngest sister of Isabela and Luisa Madrigal, who has the distinction of being the only Madrigal without a magical gift (excluding Agustín and Félix). However, when the miracle begins to fade, Mirabel takes it upon herself to save the magic, learning about hidden familial troubles along the way.


More info:


Party Itinerary:

1. Grand Entrance: play 'The Family Madrigal' on Bluetooth speaker. Enter party with high energy, big smile, waves and hugs for everyone (birthday child first!)

2. Storytime: read Encanto storybook. Familiarize yourself with the story so you can perform the story without reading off the page the entire time. The book should be more a guideline and pictures for the kids to look at. High energy, involve kids, make it a theatrical, performative storytime! 

3. Sing-Along: Sing 'Waiting on a Miracle'

4. Face Painting (see below for suggested designs and tutorials)

5. Games & Dancing (see below for

suggestions and instructions)

After this, alert client that it's almost time for Happy Birthday so they can bring out the cake. 

6. Coronation ceremony for birthday child (see below for coronation script). Present tiara to bday child.

7. Pose for photos and sing Happy Birthday!

8. Present client with invoice and collect payment. *Be sure to count cash before leaving!!*

Costume Checklist 

• Wig

• Glasses
• Earrings

• Shirt
• Pink Yarn Butterfly brooch


• Shoes


Makeup is super important - it transforms you and brings the character to life!

Makeup Checklist 

•  Foundation

• Highlighter

• Nude Eyeshadow palette

• Black eyeliner

• Peach blush

• Pink or Nude Lipliner and Lipstick

• False Eyelashes & Lash Glue

Encanto Face Painting

Suggested Designs:

• Isabela flowers

• Mirabel Mariposa (Butterfly)

• Rainbow



Watch video for tutorials! 



• Bruno's Freeze Dance

Play an uptempo song. Encourage kids to dance and show off their best moves. Invite shy kids to dance with you. Every 10-15 seconds, pause the music and instruct the players to FREEZE! Anyone who moves has to make a silly face. Everyone keeps playing until the song is over. 

• Find Isabela's Flower

Have the kids close their eyes and count to 15. Hide a fabric flower somewhere nearby. Once they're done counting, the kids should look for the flower. Whoever finds it will be the next to hide it! Play as many rounds as the kids' attention spans allow (usually about 5-6 times).

• Bubble Dancing

A fun and easy way to kill some time if necessary. Play Encanto

soundtrack songs and dance while blowing bubbles.

Posing: Cute and Silly! Toes turned in, fun and happy


Birthday Coronation Ceremony


The final activity of the party, this is a very special and memorable moment for birthday girls and their families. If parents don't already have their cameras out, encourage them to grab them before you begin! View and download script below!

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