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Ariel, The Little Mermaid


The Little Mermaid, The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea, The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning


• Part of Your World

• Part of Your World Reprise
• Ariel's Voice ("Ah-Ah-Ah melody when she gives Ursula her voice)

Age: 16 in first film; now we'll say 26 :)

Eyes/Contacts: BLUE

Lives in: Atlantica/Prince Eric's Castle


Ariel is an independent, headstrong, and determined young mermaid. She is the youngest and prettiest princess of the sea, but spends most of her time outside the palace walls of Atlantica singing, daydreaming, and adventuring with her best friend, Flounder the guppy fish, and sometimes Sebastian the crab, who is also the royal adviser to Ariel's father King Triton. At the age of 16, she unexpectedly becomes deeply infatuated with a young and handsome human named Prince Eric and sacrifices all things dear to her for the chance of being with her one true love.


Father - King Triton

Mother (Deceased) - Queen Athena

Sisters - Attina, Alana, Adella, Aquata, Arista, Andrina

Husband: Prince Eric
Daughter: Melody

Friends: Flounder the Fish, Sebastian the Crab, Scuttle the Seagull

Nemesis: Ursula the Sea Witch 


More info:


Party Itinerary:

1. Grand Entrance: play 'Fathoms Below' on Bluetooth speaker. Enter party with high energy, big smile, waves and hugs for everyone (birthday child first!)

2. Storytime: read Little Mermaid storybook. Familiarize yourself with the story so you can perform the story without reading off the page the entire time. The book should be more a guideline and pictures for the kids to look at. High energy, involve kids, make it a theatrical, performative storytime! 

3. Sing-Along: Sing Part of Your World

4. Face Painting (see below for suggested designs and tutorials)

5. Games & Magic Tricks (see below for

suggestions and instructions)

6. Coronation ceremony for birthday child (see below for coronation script). Present tiara to bday child.

7. Pose for photos and sing Happy Birthday!

8. Present client with invoice and collect payment.

Costume Checklist (Mermaid)

• Wig

• Starfish Hair Clip

• Green sequin skirt, "walking fin"

• Purple Seashell Bra

• Matching character heels (Company Provided)


Costume Checklist (Land Dress)

• Wig

• Turquoise Starfish Hair Clip

• Hoop Skirt

• Turquoise Bodice

• Turquoise Skirt

• Matching Character Heels (Company provided)

Makeup is super important - it transforms you and brings the character to life!

Makeup Checklist 

•  Foundation

• Highlighter

• Neutral eyeshadows - light, medium, dark brown/maroon

• Black liquid eyeliner

• Pink Blush

• Red Lipliner and Lipstick

• False Eyelashes

• Auburn brow pencil or brow powder

Mermaid Face Painting

Suggested Designs:

• Seashell

• Ocean Flowers
• Pirate Skull n' Crossbones


Watch video for tutorials! 



• Under the Sea Freeze Dance

Play an uptempo song. Encourage kids to dance and show off their best moves. Invite shy kids to dance with you. Every 10-15 seconds, pause the music and instruct the players to FREEZE! Anyone who moves has to make a silly face. Everyone keeps playing until the song is over. 

• Pass the Crab
It's a classic game of hot potato, with a Little Mermaid twist! Gather

children in n a circle. Play an upbeat song. Direct the players to pass 'Sebastian' around the circle - but don't delay, he might pinch you! Pause the music every 10-15 seconds. Whoever is holding Sebastian gets "pinched" and has to make their silliest face! Keep playing til the end of the song
• Find Sebastian
Have the kids close their eyes and count to 15 or 20. Hide the Sebastian plush somewhere nearby. When they're done counting, the kids search for him. Whoever finds him first gets the next turn to hide him! Continue playing as long as the kids stay engaged.

Posing: Graceful, classic Princess poses. Clasped hands, "Princess hands", etc. Fishy face for fun!


Birthday Coronation Ceremony


The final activity of the party, this is a very special and memorable moment for birthday girls and their families. If parents don't already have their cameras out, encourage them to grab them before you begin! View and download script below!


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